Diagnostic Testing

Wellness Panels

Wellness panels are simple blood tests that can help provide understanding as to what is going on inside your body. These tests screen for potential red flags and other factors that may compromise your overall health and wellness.  Some areas that can be evaluated by a wellness panel include the endocrine and metabolic systems, as well as nutrition, toxicity, and neuropathies which can be caused by infections or inflammatory diseases.    


When it comes to your health, it is a good idea to establish a “baseline” in order to make the necessary modifications needed to provide you with the best treatment results possible.  Obtaining follow up health and wellness lab testing will show how you are progressing towards your health and wellness goals.  We can also provide the results to your primary physician so that we can work towards a common goal of getting you feeling better.

Carolina HealthChoice offers a variety of blood panels.  We gladly accept doctor's orders for blood tests. Results are usually received within a few days and will be sent directly to the ordering physician's office.

Nerve/Muscle Studies

Many complicated conditions prompt the need for diagnostic testing.  A Nerve Conduction Study, or NCV, can be completed to determine the health of the nerves just as a Electromyography, or EMG, is used to determine the health of muscles.


Some of the most common symptoms for testing include:


  • A determination of nerve irritation or damage is suspected and objective substantiation and documentation is needed.

  • Continued non-resolving and unexplainable pain in limb, weakness, disturbance in skin sensation, numbness, tingling, and/or loss of sensation.

  • Subjective complaints are evident, objective findings not supportive.

  • X-Rays, CT, or MRI are negative, yet neurological symptoms persist.

  • Burning, pins and needles feelings in arms and legs.

  • No response to therapy, symptoms continue.

  • Acute or chronic neck and back pain.

  • Walking and balance problems, unsteadiness.

  • Difficulty with fine finger and hand movements.

  • Non-resolving radicular pain.

Subjective nerve damage associated with a patient’s injury or complaint can be successfully diagnosed with an objective study. Many complicated symptoms require the need for an in-depth and accurate diagnostic examination that only the NCV and EMG test provides.


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